Are studded tires legal in ontario?

Answer Studded tires with lightweight studs are allowed for residents of Ontario living north of and in Parry Sound and Nipissing Districts. These residents may drive on studded tires anywhere in the prov... Read More »

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Are studded tires legal in California?

Studded tires are legal in California, but not year round. California law states that drivers may use studded tires between Nov. 1 and April 30 each year. The studs or metal of the tire may not re... Read More »

Are studded tires legal in Pennsylvania?

Studded tires are legal in Pennsylvania from November 1 until April 15. Studded tires are used to give cars added traction on ice and snow during the winter. The studs can damage roadways and are n... Read More »

In which states are studded tires legal?

Thirty-three states in America allow studded tires for winter driving, but maintain seasonal restrictions--you cannot use them outside these dates. Seven more states allow studded tires, but set no... Read More »

Are studded tires legal in south carolina?

Studded tires provide extra traction on icy roadways. They are legal in South Carolina, but the the studs can be no longer than 1/16 of an inch when the tire is compressed.Source:Tire-information-w... Read More »