Are strong headachs and nausea signs of pregnancy?

Answer Answer Yes - these are two symptoms of pregnancy. But unfortunately they could also be a symptom of flu or something else.Have you missed your period? You can do a pregnancy test about the time ... Read More »

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Could extreme nausea and falling asleep at your desk be signs of pregnancy?

Answer If you have missed a period it is possible, that is what happened to me.

Is A short period and nausea after eating and moodiness signs of pregnancy?

Could cramping bloating light bleeding and nausea be signs of pregnancy?

Answeryes they could, all those symptoms are those of pregnancy

Could nausea unusual hunger sore breasts and spotting after using a treadmill be signs of pregnancy?

Answer Hello,I doubt using a treadmill causes any of the above symptoms hun but these are pregnancy symptoms so you may be pregnant. Perform a pregnancy test if your period doesn't arrive. Please ... Read More »