Are stroke symptoms always bilateral?

Answer Stroke symptoms are often not bilateral, or equal on both sides. Usually symptoms of stroke are more pronounced on one side of the face and body rather than on both sides.Source:www.Americanheart.o... Read More »

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What Are The Symptoms Of A Stroke?

The symptoms of stroke depend on what part of the brain is damaged. In some cases, a person may not even be aware that he or she has had a stroke.Symptoms usually develop suddenly and without warni... Read More »

Symptoms of a Stroke in a Guinea Pig?

According to veterinarian Dr. Karen Rosenthal, stroke, though not common guinea pigs, may occur. Get your pet to a veterinarian immediately if you suspect a stroke. The sooner you begin treatment, ... Read More »

Heat stroke symptoms?

heat exhaustion-heightened core temperaturedizzynessblurred visionheadachescool clammy skinheat stroke -Very high core temperaturehot reddened skinfast pulseshort fast breathsheadacheconfusion

Can anoxia cause stroke symptoms?

Mild anoxia or cerebral hypoxia can cause symptoms similar to those of strokes, such as poor judgment, memory loss, inattentiveness and decreased motor coordination. Serious anoxia can cause coma, ... Read More »