Are stress echo tests worth the cost?

Answer On One Hand: Stress Test Worth It Only With SymptomsAn echo stress test, know as an echocardiogram, uses sound waves to produce images of your heart that can be analyzed for potential problems. Thi... Read More »

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How useful are stress tests?

On One Hand: What Stress Tests TestStress tests determine how efficiently blood flows through the heart. According to the American Heart Association, the test can determine the amount of artery blo... Read More »

Are stress tests safe?

On One Hand: Stress Test RisksDuring a stress test, the heart rate is increased by exercise or medication, allowing a physician to diagnose potential coronary artery problems. Possible risks of the... Read More »

How accurate are stress tests?

On One Hand: Stress Tests Can Be Sufficiently AccurateAccording to, as long as the targeted heart rate is reached, treadmill stress test will accurately diagnose coronary artery disea... Read More »

Psychological Tests on Stress & Pain?

Testing stress and pain is notoriously difficult for psychologists. This is because reporting pain and stress is a subjective matter and can vary widely from person to person.