Are stratocumulus clouds made of ice crystals?

Answer On One Hand: They are Low Hanging CloudsStratocumulus are classified as low clouds, typically not higher than 6500 feet. These clouds are made of water droplets that cling to microscopic pieces of... Read More »

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What are clouds and fog made of?

Both clouds and fog are made up of water. Clouds are formed when warm, moist air moves upwards and then cools, creating droplets of water and ice. Fog is just a big cloud at ground level, created w... Read More »

How are crystals made?

Crystals come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. These differences are in part created in the way they are formed. Crystals are formed in multiple ways, dependent on available resources and ... Read More »

What are jewelry crystals made of?

Jewelry crystals are commonly made of substances such as cubic zirconia, crystal glass, acrylic and stone. These substances are manufactured and/or crafted to resemble precious gems such as diamond... Read More »

What are oil burning crystals made of?

Oil-burning crystals---often called crystal oil candles---are made from Pyrex scientific glass rods and tubes. The glass is hand-blown and molded into a candle shape. "Drips" are added by melting g... Read More »