Are straightening irons made from real iron or not?

Answer There are different types of straightening irons, also known as flat irons, on the market. They are called irons because they essentially iron your hair--not because they are made of real iron. Mos... Read More »

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How to Clean Straightening Irons?

A straightening iron can be a very useful tool for professional stylists or a person who simply wants to change the look of her hair for a night out on the town. In time, however, gels, spray and o... Read More »

Different Brands of Straightening Irons?

There are many different brands of hair straightening irons on the market, all with different benefits and features. Determining what straightening iron is best for you depends on a number of facto... Read More »

The History of Straightening Irons?

For centuries, men and women have depended on heat devices to manipulate waves and curls from hair. The crude and dangerous methods of ancient times have been replaced with modern appliances, that ... Read More »

What are Some Good Straightening Irons?

Don't worry about wild, frizzy hair anymore. Modern technology allows women to straighten their wild locks without using harsh chemical treatments. Hair straightening technology provides ceramic ir... Read More »