Are stool softeners supposed to be applied directly to the stool?

Answer That only works on BAR stools, Ken.

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How safe are stool softeners?

Stool softeners are not laxatives, although some can do both. The most used stool softener is Colace ( or the generic Docusate Sodium). The stool softener is to prevent straining and constipation.... Read More »

Is it safe to use stool softeners in first trimester of pregnancy?

Yes, absolutely! Docolax is safe and soft on the sensitive tummy!

Is it dangerous to take stool softeners laxatives and prune juice at the same time.?

Of course it is. The best plan is the mildest one. Eat a number of prunes (the juice doesn't work as well, you need the fiber), drink plenty of water, and walk around a lot. The combination of fibe... Read More »

What does blood in your stool mean?

This could be very serious, but without testing it's impossible to say. Place a large sample of the waste product into a paper bag and take it immediately to the nearest pharmacy. Hand the bag to... Read More »