Are stocks&mutual funds the same thing?

Answer No. Stocks, or shares, are units of ownership in a company. A mutual fund is an investment plan that pools money from various investors and buys a number of securities, which may include stocks.Sou... Read More »

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Is tactic and operation the same word mean the same thing?

They are very different.In military terms, think of an operation as a mission, while tactics descxribe how the mission is carried out.For example: Operation - clear the enemy out of that village Ta... Read More »

Are VGA& RGB the same thing?

VGA, also known as video graphics array, is a display system for personal computers that was a product of IBM. VGA has a text and graphic mode resolution, while RGB stands for the primary colors, r... Read More »

Is a Dodge 360 the same thing as an AMC 360?

The AMC 360 V8 has a completely different design that has no parts in common with the Dodge 360. They do not even arrive at the 360 cubic inch displacement via the same bore and stroke.References:N... Read More »

Are a bar and a club the same thing?

This may be tough to answer since it seems that something is opening or closing daily. According to Newyorkontop, there are around 1700, give or take a few. This can also change depending on your d... Read More »