Are stock splits desirable?

Answer On One Hand: They Have a Strong HistoryA stock split occurs when a publicly held company increases the quantity of its outstanding shares by dividing each share, also dividing the stock price by th... Read More »

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The Difference Between Stock Splits & Stock Dividends?

Dividends and splits are two very important concepts that stock investors must understand to be successful. Dividends add to the total return that an investor earns while holding a stock. Splits, a... Read More »

How do stock splits affect stock options?

Companies often grant stock options to employees as a reward for good work and to retain good people. A stock option is a "right" to buy the company's stock at a certain price. It is not an obligat... Read More »

Common Stock Splits?

Common stock is a highly volatile equity instrument. Sometimes the price of the common stock for a company reaches levels that management considers excessive. For various reasons, the company may d... Read More »

How do i calculate cost basis for stock splits?

Find Original Price PaidDetermine the original price per share that you paid. This can be found in your brokerage statement, on your brokerage's website or by asking your stockbroker.Divide by Spli... Read More »