Are stock dividends taxable?

Answer According to the Internal Revenue Service, ordinary stock dividends are taxed as income. Ordinary dividends are those paid by a corporation to a shareholder. However, some dividends are categorized... Read More »

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Are Roth IRA dividends taxable?

Roth IRA distributions are not considered taxable income as long as you're 59 1/2 years old and have held the account for five years, minimum. Contributions may be withdrawn from a Roth IRA before ... Read More »

Are dividends taxable if they are reinvested?

Dividends are taxable even when reinvested. However, reinvested dividends increase an investment in a fund and/or security, and reduce a taxable gain (or increase a capital loss). Keeping accurate ... Read More »

Are dividends taxable in India?

Dividend income in India is not taxable if paid by a domestic Indian company. Income received from companies based overseas is taxable. It is taxed at a rate determined by level of income.Source:Em... Read More »

How to Pay Taxes on Inherited Stock Dividends When the Stock Is Still in the Deceased's Name?

An estate is a separate legal entity that begins upon the death of an individual. Income received from property of the decedent belongs to the estate until that property is transferred to beneficia... Read More »