Are stiletto knives legal?

Answer Stiletto or switchblade knives are illegal to possess and may not be shipped across state lines as mandated by the United States Federal Government. Many states have also developed laws aimed at s... Read More »

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Are stiletto knives illegal?

In the United States, the stiletto knife has been made illegal in some states. While the laws of each state can change from year to year, some of the states where such knives are illegal include Ne... Read More »

Are switchblade knives legal?

Laws regarding switchblade knives are determined by individual state governments. In Connecticut, for example, it is illegal to carry a switchblade knife on your person. The punishment for carrying... Read More »

Are throwing knives legal?

Throwing knives are specifically illegal in Indiana and Texas. They may fall under blade length restrictions, or concealed deadly weapon laws, for other states or municipalities. While there are fe... Read More »

Are switchblade knives legal in Michigan?

Switchblade knives are not legal to own or sell in Michigan. Section 750.226a of the Michigan code, codified in 1952, is the area of law that pertains to the illegality of carrying or selling a swi... Read More »