Are steroids good for a dislocated shoulder?

Answer On One Hand: Treatment of a Dislocated ShoulderSteroids play no role in an acute dislocation of a shoulder. The initial treatment for any shoulder dislocation is realigning the shoulder to proper a... Read More »

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How to Fix a Dislocated Shoulder?

A joint dislocation can be one of the most painful injuries if not reset in a timely manner. Shoulder dislocations will stretch the shoulder, upper arm, and torso muscles, causing intense pain. Due... Read More »

Dislocated my shoulder. Now what?

Sorry to hear that, when you dislocate your shoulder its kind of like dislocating your knee cap (not exactly tho) when you dislocate your knee cap you can damage cartilage (articular cartilage on t... Read More »

Dislocated shoulder or torn ligament?

Hello, I'm sorry about your accident and shoulder. Shoulder injuries can be serious and there's a lot in the shoulder that can be hurt and cause pain.I highly recommend you see an orthopedist (aka ... Read More »

I think i dislocated my shoulder, what do I do?

You really should see a doctor about it, I would recommend A&E rather than your GP as they can also x-ray it. Your doctor however should be able to tell just by rotating your shoulder and feeling t... Read More »