Are steel tornado safe rooms safe from lightning?

Answer Steel tornado safe rooms are safe from lightning strikes as well as felled power lines. Steel tornado safe rooms act in a self-protecting fashion---electric current that hits the room travels throu... Read More »

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Are hotels safe during a tornado?

No building, including a hotel, is completely safe if it is in the direct path of a tornado. However, your odds for remaining unharmed improve if you can get to the hotel's basement or an interior ... Read More »

How safe are manufactured homes in a tornado?

On One Hand: Not A ChanceManufactured homes are not safe in a tornado, according to the Institute for Business & Home Safety. The institute maintains that you simply cannot ride out a tornado in a ... Read More »

Are cell phones safe in a lightning storm?

On One Hand: A Cell Phone May Cause Fatalities During StormsA letter published in the British Medical Journal claims that cell phones may cause fatal injuries during an electrical storm. A cell pho... Read More »

Are chat rooms safe?

On One Hand: They May Lead to FriendshipsOnline chat rooms lead you to meet people you might never meet otherwise. These encounters may lead to lifelong friendships. Selecting a chat room based on ... Read More »