Are steel cans made from aluminium steel?

Answer A French scientist invented the steel can after receiving a commission to find a way to preserve Napoleon's food. Steel cans enjoy popularity today but are much cheaper to produce. A mixture of iro... Read More »

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Can you recycle steel cans?

Most municipal waste programs collect steel cans for recycling. These include cans used for food and paint. Steel cans must be clean and dry for recycling purposes. The U.S. Environmental Protectio... Read More »

Are steel cans magnetic?

Steel cans have magnetic properties, which makes collecting them during the recycling process a simple task. A magnet can easily pick up the cans and sort them. Additionally, recycling steel cans c... Read More »

What element was used to plate steel to make cans?

Tin, found in the periodic table under Sn, is the malleable, silver metallic element used to coat steel in the making of cans. It is obtained chiefly from the ore cassiterite and is used primarily ... Read More »

Why does a steel nail sink but a steel boat float?

Place a nail of any variety of steel in a container of water and it invariably sinks. Make a boat of steel, however, and it floats in water. Of course, it's not through magic that this occurs. It'... Read More »