Are steam washers worth it?

Answer On One Hand: Research Shows They WorkTo check manufacturer claims that steam washing machines are gentle on fabrics but remove soil and stain better than traditional machines, Good Housekeeping tri... Read More »

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Are power washers worth the money?

On One Hand: All Purpose CleaningPressure washers are the all-purpose home cleaning tool. Pressure washers allow you to remove dirt, mold and mildew from your siding, clean your driveway or remove ... Read More »

Is the steel in appliances such as washers and dryers worth anything?

Washers and dryers have electric motors, and those are made with copper windings, and the copper is quite valuable; the steel is much less valuable although it is still worth something. At the pres... Read More »

How much are steam locomotives worth?

To buy an "old banger" to restore can be about £100,000 - and if you want to see the cost and what else is involved in building a replica, just Google "Tornado" and go for the Steam Loco options. ... Read More »

Are steam vapor machines worth the price?

On One Hand: Great for Allergies.Steam vapor machines are great for getting allergens out of a home--things like dust, odors, spores, mold and dirt from carpets and furniture. If you have allergies... Read More »