Are steam rooms good for your body?

Answer On One Hand: Health BenefitsSteam rooms are widely used all over the world as a means of therapy. The high humidity and heat levels are known to open up pores, soothe aching muscles, reduce stress... Read More »

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What Are Steam Rooms Good For?

A steam room or a steam bath is a designated area, either as part of a fitness facility, a home, or, in Europe or Asia, an entirely separate facility, where people envelop their bodies in steam fro... Read More »

Why do people use steam rooms?

A steam room is any waterproof enclosure into which a steam generator keeps the room filled with thick clouds of steam. The average temperature in a steam room is between 115 and 125 degrees Fahren... Read More »

The Advantages of Steam Rooms & Saunas?

Steam rooms and saunas date to ancient Greece. The Romans adopted the use of steam rooms, known as sudatroriums, and the practice of engulfing the body in high temperatures spread throughout Russia... Read More »

Risks of Saunas & Steam Rooms?

Saunas and steam rooms can provide a warm and relaxing environment -- while saunas deliver high temperatures and dry heat, steam rooms heat the air with moisture. Many people use saunas and steam r... Read More »