Are steam mops safe for wood floors?

Answer On One Hand: Steam Mops Can Be SafeSteam mops are safe on wood floors if the floors are properly sealed. Because of the heat, moisture from the steam mop takes only take a few seconds to dry. Make ... Read More »

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Are steam mops safe for ceramic tiles?

Steam mops are safe for ceramic tiles. As with all cleaning appliances, make sure you follow all manufacturer's operating and safety instructions. Also check with the manufacturer of your ceramic t... Read More »

How do I clean wood floors with steam?

Steam Clean Wood FloorsSweep or vacuum your sealed or laminate wood floor; steam isn't recommended for use on unsealed wood floors. Fill the water compartment according to your steam mop/cleaner's ... Read More »

How do I steam clean wood floors?

Steam cleaning wood floors is an excellent way to clean them without using any cleaning products that can leave a clear film or a residue behind. The first step in cleaning wood floors with a steam... Read More »

Is it safe to steam mop hardwood floors?

No! Under no condition should a wood floor be steamed mopped! Wood is extremely prone to bubbling, swelling, and warping with exposure to water over time. There are products that state they are sa... Read More »