Are statuary pumps submersible?

Answer Statuary pumps are designed to fit into spaces underneath fountains and other water features, so they must be submersible. The installation instructions come with a warning stating that the pump mu... Read More »

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How do I Compare Submersible & External Pumps for Ponds?

Pumps keep pond water fresh--they are essential for ponds with fish, such as Koi, and for running fountains and waterfalls. There are two basic types of water pumps for ponds: submersible and exter... Read More »

Gas pump warning! HIV Positive needles are being placed on handles of gas pumps. Be carefully and check pumps!?

This urban myth surfaces every couple of years - don't freak out.

What is the statute of limitations in Alaska for statuary rape?

Most felonies are set at 5 years in Alaska. However, statutory rape is a crime against a minor and there is no limit at all. The limit can be tolled for up to 3 years if the perpetrator is out of t... Read More »

What Is a Submersible Pump?

A submersible pump is a pump that is designed to operate while underwater. Small submersible pumps are used in small indoor fountains and aquariums, while larger pumps can be used as sump pumps to... Read More »