Are state unemployment records cross referenced within other states?

Answer According to the Maryland division of unemployment, states do not share information with each other regarding unemployment insurance for potential applicants. If a worker has moved, he can only fil... Read More »

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Difference Between Criterion-Referenced & Norm-Referenced Tests?

Due to the recent and unprecedented emphasis on educational accountability, assessment selection has become an important consideration. There are various types of assessment that can be used to mea... Read More »

Should You File State Unemployment Taxes in the State Where the Employee Is Domiciled?

Although federal tax laws provide uniform requirements for employers to pay federal unemployment taxes on wages, the differences among state unemployment laws can cause confusion. When an employee ... Read More »

If you are going to be covered within the next 65 days under Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina but your wife may be pregnant will they pick her up?

Answer Depends upon how long she has been without insurance. If more than 3 months (usually) .. it will likely be considered a pre-existing condition and they will not cover pregnancy-related claims.

Unemployment Eligibility in the State of Illinois?

Illinois unemployment benefits only go to those who meet the eligibility requirements set by Illinois unemployment compensation laws. To ensure that only those who meet those qualifications receive... Read More »