Are stargazer lilies poisonous?

Answer Stargazer lilies (Lilium orientalis) are not poisonous to people, but are toxic if cats ingest them. They can induce vomiting, lethargy and even death. The flowers are nontoxic to many other animal... Read More »

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About Stargazer Lilies?

Lilies have been a favorite flower since ancient times. The stargazer lily hybrid was developed in 1978 and is now a regular choice in bouquets and arrangements. White stargazers can symbolize puri... Read More »

How to Grow Stargazer Lilies?

Lilies can be a great addition to any floral garden, as they are easy to plant and care for. While some varieties of lily are more fragrant than others, the stargazer lily is possibly the most arom... Read More »

How do I grow stargazer lilies?

Dig HolesDig a hole 6 inches deep in the prepared flowerbed with a trowel. This should be in a sunny area with well drained soil. Dig holes 6 to 12 inches apart for each bulb in the package. The st... Read More »

When are stargazer lilies in season?

Stargazer lilies, a type of Asiatic or Oriental lily, bloom in mid- to late summer, depending on your climate. Cooler climes see later blooms. Plant these in spring or fall. Stargazer lilies grow b... Read More »