When did stamps go up to 42 cents?

Answer According to the United States Postal Service, in May 2008, first-class letter postage stamps increased to 42 cents per stamp from a previous increase to 41 cents in May 2007. The United States Pos... Read More »

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When did stamps go to 44 cents?

The cost for a first-class stamp increased 2 cents to 44 cents on May 11, 2009. The news was announced on February 10, 2009. It was the fourth year in a row that postage rates went up.References:Ho... Read More »

When did stamps cost 3 cents?

Though 3-stamps are still being sold by the U.S. Postal Service, according to the Postal Regulatory Commission, a first-class stamp cost 3 cents on July 6, 1932. The rate went up to 4 cents on Augu... Read More »

When were postage stamps 5 cents?

The U.S. Postal Service raised the price of stamps to 5 cents on Jan. 7, 1963. The price remained 5 cents for five years, until the price was increased by one cent on Jan. 7, 1968.Source:USPS: Dome... Read More »

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