Are stainless steel refrigerators magnetic?

Answer Magnets will not stick to a stainless steel refrigerator. While some grades of stainless steel actually are magnetic, the type that is used for stainless steel refrigerators and other appliances is... Read More »

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How to Repair Stainless Steel Refrigerators?

Stainless steel refrigerators are commonly used in commercial kitchens and restaurants, since this type of metal is long-lasting and simple to maintain. The shiny, metallic appearance of stainless ... Read More »

Are stainless steel refrigerators hard to keep clean?

On One Hand: Easy to CleanStainless steel refrigerators are easy to clean with products around the house. Cleaning with the grain, a terry cloth and water with remove smudges and fingerprints, and... Read More »

Is 304 stainless steel magnetic?

The austentic grades are the least magnetic of the stainless steels. The 300 series is austentic and not magnetic unless it has been ground, polished or cold worked in some other manner. The more n... Read More »

Is stainless steel 410 magnetic?

The 400 series of stainless steel is magnetic. 410 stainless steel is in this group. The 400s contain chrome but no nickel. Because they don't have nickel as part of the alloy, they are magnetic.Re... Read More »