Are squash and pumpkins on the Paleo diet?

Answer Yes, squash and pumpkins are encouraged foods in the Paleo diet under encouraged vegetables. A Paleo Diet (Paleolithic) is based upon the type of foods our ancestors used to eat. These diets are us... Read More »

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What Is Killing My Pumpkins and Squash?

Pumpkins and squash are both members of the cucurbit family, so they experience the same range of insects and diseases. Problems with successfully growing pumpkins and squash can be attributed to m... Read More »

Do smaller pumpkins have more seeds than bigger pumpkins?

Bigger pumpkins have up to 50 seeds while a small pumpkin has up to about 25 seeds.

Can uncut pumpkins grow other pumpkins inside them?

Does a cross pollination of a gourd and a squash create an edible squash?

Answer Most gourds that I am familiar with are from a different genus - Lagenaria. In that case they will not cross with each other. Some decorative gourds are in the genus Cucurbita and will cross... Read More »