Are spray tans safe?

Answer On One Hand: Spray Tans are a Safe Alternative to Tanning BedsWhen compared to the proven dangers of natural tanning and UV tanning beds, spray tans are a much safer way to get that sun-kissed look... Read More »

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Are Spray Tans Safe for Skin?

An effective alternative to tanning under the sun or in a tanning bed is spray tanning. Spray tanning can be done in your own home or in a salon. The results of a spray tan are similar to tans prod... Read More »

Are spray tans worth it?

On One Hand: Spray Tans are the Safest Way to TanUnlike traditional sunbathing and tanning beds, spray tans offer no risk of skin cancer or lasting skin damage. The coloring agent in sunless tanni... Read More »

Tips on Spray Tans?

One of the safest ways to get a glowing tan is by getting spray tans. Tanning salons offer spray tans in which you stand in a booth and the entire body is tanned. Sunless tanners contain DHA, which... Read More »

Recommended Spray Tans?

Spray tans are becoming more popular for three main reasons. First, there is no risk of UV damage to skin with a sunless tanner. Second, sprays are less likely to leave dark orange stains on palms ... Read More »