Are sperm& eggs formed by mitosis?

Answer No. According to the National Institute of General Medical Science, the sperm and egg are formed through meiosis, which is how a cell divides to contain half the total number of chromosomes from th... Read More »

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What is formed when an egg&sperm fuse together?

The fusion of an egg and sperm results in the conception of a new life in a process called fertilization. Over a span of nine months, these two single cells develop into a fully functioning and com... Read More »

What age is the fetus when the eggs are formed?

The gestation time of a fetus---which is the period from conception to birth---is 40 weeks. By the 20th week of a baby's gestation, a female fetus has a fully developed reproductive system, includi... Read More »

Are eggs&sperm the same size?

A human egg is 180 times bigger than a sperm cell and requires more time, energy and nutrition to develop. A woman normally produces only one egg each month. Although sperm count varies among men, ... Read More »

Can two woman combine their eggs with someones sperm?