Are speed bumps required in apartment complexes?

Answer Speed bumps are raised areas of pavement that force drivers to slow down. Speed bumps represent one strategy of traffic calming. Although speed bumps can be used in apartment complexes, they are no... Read More »

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How to Quote Earthquake Insurance for Apartment Complexes?

The prevalence of large scale earthquakes in areas like California, Japan and New Zealand have prompted those areas to develop agencies that oversee the management of earthquake related catastrophe... Read More »

How Can I Market My Storage Business Effectively to Apartment Complexes?

A storage business recognizes that apartment tenants often need storage space because of the limited space in apartments and because the tenants may be thinking of moving. You can market your stora... Read More »

Handicap Parking Laws in the State of Illinois for Apartment Complexes?

Handicap parking laws are enforced for the benefit of people with disabilities, especially those that affect mobility. Handicap parking spaces are wider than typical spaces, allowing for an "acces... Read More »

OMG! Some apartment complexes are refusing to rent to people with tattoos and piercings?

I agree this is discrimination... but as someone has already said (can't mind who sorry!) a business does have the right to refuse admission.It's like some places refuse smoking on the premises.Unf... Read More »