Are sour candys bad for you?

Answer deffinitly. but i love sour patch so i wish it wasnt =( lol. i mean it depends you have to limit yourself

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What headphones are better then skull candys?

i love Doctor Beats it is the coolest cause Dr. dre made it so it is a big deal

I want to know how to make a variety of homemade candys anyone know how?

the simplest one is to make home made chocolate and you can have fun with the shapes. Buy or make molds for the chocolate in whichever shape or look alike you can take a lego and fill it... Read More »

What gives the sour taste in sweet&sour chicken?

The sweet and sour sauce used to make sweet and sour chicken is made from sugar, soy sauce, ketchup and rice vinegar that is mixed with cornstarch to produce a thickened sauce. The sour flavor in s... Read More »

What makes Sour Skittles sour?

Citric acid gives Sour Skittles their mouth-puckering tartness. Citric acid is the third main ingredient in Sour Skittles after sugar and corn syrup. The outside of a Sour Skittle also is coated w... Read More »