Are sony blue ray DVD players better than a regular DVD player?

Answer When Blu Ray first came out, most people would say that Sony delivered a better system for playing them than most other manufactures, but today the playing field has leveled.

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Does a regular DVD look better played on a blue ray player?

No, a Blue Ray player gives you a more high quality picture and sound than a normal DVD player. Although, you can't use a normal DVD on a Blue Ray player you have to buy the DVD's that say Blue Ray... Read More »

What is better for audio CD - ps3 or sony blue ray player?

No, a Blu-Ray disc requires a Blu-Ray compatible device, such as a standalone player, a PlayStation 3, or even a computer (with a compatible drive installed).

Is the sony walkman mp3 player better than an Ipod?

Both the sony walkman mp3 player and iPods have their advantages. The walkman is a little cheaper, and has longer battery life. The iPods are neater, have more memory, have flash memory, and have m... Read More »

What is the advantage of a blue ray disc players over regular dvd players?

Well, the "Advantage" is simple: Blu-Ray discs are capable of holding more data, thusly they are capable of producing a better image on-screen. What does this mean? Well, your average single-laye... Read More »