Are some people in Costa Rica have ancestors that are Mayans?

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How far is Hermosa, Costa Rica from Alajuela, Costa Rica?

Via road, the distance between Hermosa and Alajuela, Costa Rica, is 130 miles (210 kilometers). The trip, which travels northwest through such cities as San Jose and Quesada, takes approximately 3 ... Read More »

How many people visit costa rica?

Each year, nearly two million people visit Costa Rica, according to Frommer's travel guide. In 2009, the commerce, tourism and services industry, which makes up 68 percent of the country's gross do... Read More »

How many people speak English in Costa Rica?

According to the U.S. Department of State, about 3 percent of Costa Rica's total population, or 119,000 people, speak English. The vast majority of this population is descended from 19th-century J... Read More »

Costa Rica poll: How do Costa Ricans view time and space?

-measure time with clocks...-during work time we work,during social time we go to the clubs,go to the movies,restaurants,parks...-costa ricans live the day,past is very important when it comes to p... Read More »