Are some Mexican pastas made with nutmeg?

Answer Nutmeg blends well with other spices, and it is traditionally used in sweet foods to enhance the flavor in savory foods, and in sauces and casseroles. It is possible to find nutmeg used in Mexican ... Read More »

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Why did Menudo name their boy band after a traditional Mexican soup made with beef stomach?

It was Ricky Martin's idea, and he never had the heart to tell the rest of the guys that it was supposed to be pronounced "Men U Do".

How to Make Braised Spinach With Nutmeg?

Spinach and nutmeg are extremely compatible flavours, complementing each other to perfection. This dish can be served as a side dish or as part of a dish.This will make enough to serve 4.

I bought some Mexican farm cheese.i dont think this cheese melts. need ideas on what to with it.?

I just made some some hot nummies would you care for some :)?

What's a nummie?Is it like a cake or pastry, because if it is, them MOST DEFIANTLY!