Are solar sun rings any good?

Answer On One Hand: A Warmer Swimming PoolSolar Sun Rings are vinyl rings designed to passively heat outdoor swimming pools using energy from the sun. The rings are approximately 60 inches in diameter, so... Read More »

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Rings on Planets in Our Solar System?

At one point in time all of the planets in Earth's solar system had rings. The terrestrial planets --- Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars --- no longer have rings as they were incorporated into the pl... Read More »

Flat Tongue Rings Good ?

what does she mean 'as long as you be careful'? but yes plastic bars are safe to use since you've had yours for a month now and yes flat tongue rings are safe and they are SUPER comfortable :) hope... Read More »

Is tungsten a good metal for rings?

On One Hand: Tungsten is DurableTungsten was established into the jewelry industry only a few years ago, and in that short time has become one of the most popular metals used in jewelry today. Tung... Read More »

Can you really buy good rings for cheap off ebay?

You can find incredible buys on ebay but you have to read the descriptions of the items v-e-r-y carefully. The seller is only bound to abide by the description and doesn't have to issue refunds unl... Read More »