Are solar panels exempt from florida sales tax?

Answer Florida Statute 212.8, which is still active as of January 2010, has exempted solar energy systems from sales tax since July 1, 1997. These systems includes any component that is used for collected... Read More »

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Is baby formula exempt from sales tax in Florida?

Baby formula is exempt from sales tax in Florida. Other exemptions include liquid food supplements sold as nutritional supplements and meal replacements. Snack foods like pretzels, popcorn and corn... Read More »

Do I have to charge Florida sales tax on Internet sales to other Florida residents?

According to the Florida Department of Revenue, sales tax is required on transactions completed in Florida, which includes Internet transactions between Florida companies and in-state residents. E... Read More »

Are schools exempt from sales tax?

Sales taxes are state taxes, and each state has a different tax code for its own sales tax. One thing that is consistent from state to state, however, is that schools are considered tax-exempt inst... Read More »

How do I get a sales tax exempt number?

Contact the Department of RevenueCheck with your state's Department of Revenue to find out its rules and regulation on tax exemption. Each state has different rules regarding tax exemption.Complete... Read More »