Are social security benefits considered private retirement benefits?

Answer Social Security benefits are not considered private retirement benefits. Although both can provide a monthly monetary benefit, unlike private benefits, Social Security benefits cannot be transferre... Read More »

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If you collect private disability then qualify for social security disability can you collect them both My private plan says nothing about social security benefits?

Yes you can. However if your collecting disability benefits from a LTD then they will most likely kick you off once you start receiving your SSDI benefits. However, if you trying to get on SSI, whi... Read More »

Are Social Security benefits considered income?

If the only income you have is Social Security benefits, it is not income for tax purposes. However, if you have other income then how much you have earned determines whether Social Security bene... Read More »

Are Social Security benefits considered income under Massachusetts law?

According to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, Social Security benefits are considered income. However, the state does not impose taxes on Social Security benefits, although federal taxes ma... Read More »

Is social security benefits interest considered income?

Social Security benefits are considered income. Not all Social Security income is taxed. It is based on other income, including interest, and whether the receiver of benefits has reached the age ... Read More »