Are snapdragon flowers perennial or annual?

Answer Hi, in answer to your question, Snapdragons are perrenial plants. They don't mind the winter and grow to approx 2 foot high and approx 18 inches spread. Hope this helps, TC.

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Are cosmos flowers annual or perennial?

The cosmos flower has many varieties, most of which are annuals, meaning they have to be replanted every year and grow from seed. However, there are some perennial varieties which grow from rhizome... Read More »

Perennial & Annual Poppy Flowers?

Poppies are among the easiest and most rewarding flowers to grow. They sprout quickly from seed, often bloom the first year and tolerate many soils, as long as the soil is well-drained. The flowers... Read More »

What color blooms do snapdragon flowers have?

Snapdragons, or Antirrhinum majus, blooms can be red, pink, orange, yellow, bronze or lavender. The plants, which can bloom during the spring, summer and fall, depending upon location, can grow as ... Read More »

Is an Amaryllis a annual or a perennial?

Answer An Amaryllis, the flower we commonly see in November and December, will continue to come back every year over several years if it is cared for. It's a perennial, as are most of its family me... Read More »