Are smoothies fattening?

Answer Smoothies can be deceptively high in calories and lead to weight gain. In addition to liquefied fruit that is diet-friendly, smoothies may also contain whole milk or yogurt and sweeteners such as s... Read More »

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Are bananas fattening A small banana has 90 calories, but some people view it as fattening.?

Bananas are healthy. Source of potassium.

Do you like smoothies?

BANANAAAAA XDDDDDDALL HAIL BANANA SMOOTHIES!!!especially choco banana, or banana+peach+strawberry :3that taste so special :)I heard and read from internet that Banana actually can help ppl to be ha... Read More »

Any really healthy smoothies?

Here are some of my favorite recipes. Oh, by the way, I'm a vegetarian and instead of milk I use soymilk and instead of whey protein I use soy protein, but I'll leave that up to you. Get up Go Shak... Read More »

Are smoothies healthy for you?

On One Hand: Basic Smoothies Are NutritiousA smoothie can be a very healthy drink when made with fruit and milk. While the milk provides calcium and its own vitamins, the nutrition factor of any sm... Read More »