Are smelling salts legal in the olympics?

Answer Smelling salts are legal in Olympic competition. Smelling salts are typically used for either recovery from injury or for performance enhancement before an event such as weightlifting. Smelling sal... Read More »

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How to Make Smelling Salts?

You may have seen swooning Victorian heroines or fussy old ladies reaching for their smelling salts in the movies. Traditional smelling salts are scented with ammonia, but you can make them with lo... Read More »

How do smelling salts revive a person?

Commonly used as the first-aid response to fainting in historical novels and movies, smelling salts are not that familiar to those in the 21st century, except as mentioned in fiction. Smelling salt... Read More »

When did the Summer Olympics start having a different year than the Winter Olympics?

The first year in which the Summer Olympics were held in a year that did not also have a winter games was 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia. The International Olympic Committee voted in 1986 to hold the sum... Read More »

Do more countries participate in the Winter Olympics or the Summer Olympics?

The Summer Olympics draw participants from approximately 200 countries, while the winter Olympics are attended by representatives from fewer than 100 countries. This is primarily due to the fact th... Read More »