Are small claims court case records public information?

Answer Generally, small claims court case records are public information. Some localities, such as Pinellas County, Florida, also enable interested parties to access such records online. However, you migh... Read More »

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How to Win a Case in Small Claims Court in Arizona?

If you have filed a small claims court case in Arizona and are representing yourself, you will need to be prepared when your trial date arrives in order to win your case. Representing yourself in s... Read More »

How to File a Case in Small Claims Court?

Under the impression the term “small claims court” describes the physical size of a courtroom rather than what transpires inside? In fact, small claims court is a place where people claiming to... Read More »

What is public information in official court records?

In the judicial court system, all case-related information is open for public review. While each state has different procedures for accessing information, it is possible for a person to research a... Read More »

Who pays court costs in small claims court?

When a small claim is initiated, the fees are normally paid for by the plaintiff (the person making the claim). If the plaintiff wins the case the cost is recoverable; if he loses, then he will los... Read More »