Are slap hammers used as a burglary tool?

Answer Slap hammers can be used as burglary tools, particularly for stealing cars. In the early 1980s, a search warrant of a suspected car thief's apartment found a "virtual warehouse of tools and supplie... Read More »

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There are three different degrees of burglary. While it would seem that first degree burglary would be less serious than third degree burglary, this is not true. In fact, first degree burglary is t... Read More »

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Who invented hammers?

The hammer has its origins in the early Stone Age, possibly dating back 2.6 million years. Among the oldest stone tools ever discovered, the hammerstone, forerunner to the modern-day hammer, was a ... Read More »

How Are Hammers Manufactured?

The hammer is the most basic and essential tool for a number of tasks inside the home and on the job. It is on every carpenter's tool belt and in every homeowner's toolbox. Hammers come in a varie... Read More »