Are sky lights better than solar panels?

Answer On One Hand: Solar Panels Help Generate EnergySolar panels, normally found on the roof of a building, are designed to absorb light energy from the sun to be converted into electricity. Solar panels... Read More »

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Do solar panels work better with reflectors on them?

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory found that solar panels with aluminum reflectors were more efficient than solar panels without reflectors. The reflectors helped the enhanced panels work up to thr... Read More »

Are grow lights better for plants than fluorescent lights?

On One Hand: Fluorescents Can Be Used as Grow LightsFluorescent lights come in many types. Full-spectrum fluorescent lights are relatively inexpensive and easy to find and use. A full-spectrum fl... Read More »

Why is solar power better than other energy?

On One Hand: It's Clean and InfiniteSolar arrays, which absorb the light of the sun and convert it into usable energy, neither consume finite resources nor emit harmful waste. Since these two issue... Read More »

Are grow lights better for plants than florescent?

High-intensity discharge lamps generally provide more light and energy to plants than fluorescent bulbs. One high-powered grow light can produce the same amount of light as 40 fluorescent bulbs, bu... Read More »