Are skinnier people stronger than fat people?

Answer Depends on physical condition. If you look at shot putters, weight lifters, etc. they're incredibly strong and some of them are quite large. Skinny folks can be strong too, sprinters, long distance... Read More »

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Do Wealthy People Pay More Taxes Than Middle Class People?

There are many factors that play a role in the amount of taxes an individual or couple is required to pay. Before examining them, let's define "middle class." Under the definition used by the Publi... Read More »

Why cant people see that adopting kids is taking advantage of people with "less than'?

Personally, I think if people really cared about the welfare of the child they would actually sponser the family and help them parent their own biological child. A lot of adoptive parents are not i... Read More »

Are blind people more intelligent than deaf people?

On One Hand: No, They Are NotAccording to special education teacher Beverlee Byers, there is no proven link between blindness and intelligence or deafness and intelligence. This means there is no r... Read More »

Do taller people run faster than smaller people?

A person's leg muscles have more of an effect on how fast a person can run than his or her height. Everyone's leg muscles have two speeds: fast and slow. Leg muscles are close to the joints, so hei... Read More »