Are skeptics in this forum just doing as they are told by the "BIG PHARMA"?

Answer Except that's not true. Skybirds' rant is based on her own ignorance and misunderstanding. She basically has no argument. This isn't the first time she's trotted out this speech and it elicits face... Read More »

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MBA Projects in Pharma Marketing?

The Master's degree of Business Administration in Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management can give an applicant a competitive edge in the workforce. The degree involves courses that require student... Read More »

Are pharma stocks good investments?

On One Hand: Safer Investment During Down MarketsPharmaceutical stocks are a good investment that can provide returns during market booms or busts, according to Seeking Alpha's Larry MacDonald. Dur... Read More »

Have any of the skeptics actually tried homoepathy?

A little point about some of the traits of pseudoskeptism....that those that are trying to come across as just skeptics are displaying very well here. ---- forming absolute conclusions, making jud... Read More »

Hey! Is it true that the big Pharma and doctors say that natural rememdies...?

No that is an Altie myth.....almost canonical, but a myth just the same. Unfortunately, the more idiots repeat nonsense, the more other idiots think it is true. Look at the Republican party in th... Read More »