Are skeptics in this forum just doing as they are told by the "BIG PHARMA"?

Answer Except that's not true. Skybirds' rant is based on her own ignorance and misunderstanding. She basically has no argument. This isn't the first time she's trotted out this speech and it elicits face... Read More »

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I know another mom has just done this...are you doing this too?

Im 16 and my doctor just told me i had tachycardia, what does this mean?

It means just what your doctor said, that your heart was beating too fast. There are a number of causes and at 16 you are very young to have this. but don't worry sweetie if he was really concerned... Read More »

I'v just been told by my doctor that my cholesterol is over 7. How can i reduce this?

Hi MarkIf you total cholesterol was over 7mmol/l you are at increased risk of heart disease. 3 bottles of wine is around 21 to 28 standard drinks (or units) and is a little high - you should have y... Read More »

Why are they doing this to me?

I don't know what type of cancer you have or its prognosis, so I don't know exactly what advice to give. It's true our country is sucking up to pharmaceutical companies and the medical industry, ... Read More »