Are single women safe in Jamaica?

Answer On One Hand: Crime Is a Problem in JamaicaAccording to Amnesty International USA, the rate of sexual violence against women in Jamaica is very high. Sexual assault is the second most common cause o... Read More »

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How many women in Jamaica are single?

As of July 2010 there were 889,811 women between the ages of 15-64 in Jamaica. The country has an average marriage rate of around 21,000 per year, after divorces, which means there are roughly 375,... Read More »

Vacations for Single Women in Jamaica?

Located in the Caribbean is the tropical island of Jamaica. With a year-round tropical climate, Jamaica is a popular vacation destination for families and couples. Jamaica also caters to the single... Read More »

Why do people say 'You should've kept your legs shut!' to women/single mothers, but not to men/single fathers?

When I was growing up my Father told me not to do anything that I couldn't do in front of my mother. During my Junior year in High School he told me that when dating one of us had to keep our pant... Read More »

Is Jamaica a safe vacation spot?

On One Hand: Dangers AboundThe U.S. Department of State warns of frequent violent crimes and a high murder rate in certain parts of Kingston and Montego Bay, spontaneous demonstrations that can blo... Read More »