Are single-parent homes problematic for children?

Answer On One Hand: Perils of Single ParenthoodIn a 2008 Psychology Today article, Roy Baumeister says, "It was fashionable and politically correct to assert that it was perfectly fine for parents to get ... Read More »

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What percentage of children live in two-parent homes in Canada?

According to the 2006 Canadian Census, 80.3 percent of children aged 14 and under lived in a household with two parents. This includes married parents and common law parents. The percentage of chil... Read More »

What's better A single parent to collect welfare, or a single parent to work and their child is in daycare?

Fair point, but being the proud, evil conservative libertarian that I am, I say daycare and work. If no one HAD to work, not many people would choose to work.Really, K, I'm howling at the idea tha... Read More »

If a non married single parent commits suicide who gains guardianship of children?

Answer Hopefully the person deceased has left a Will with provisions for the children. If not, then the courts prefer the children to go to a relative in the family. If there are no relatives th... Read More »

Can a single parent get in trouble for leaving their 11 and 15-year-old children home alone while they work at night?

Answer no way, i stayed home every nite since i was eight and its not a crime anyway. Answer No. I have two children the exact same age. As long as they know where you are, what time you will be ... Read More »