Are silver dollars worth more than a regular dollar?

Answer When used as currency, the average silver dollar is worth its face value of $1; however, when silver prices are high, you might be able to sell your silver dollars to a company that purchases silve... Read More »

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What is worth more: 1898 silver dollars or 1897 silver dollars?

This is a brain teaser disguised as a question about numismatics, or the study of coins. The reader may assume that the question refers to two silver dollars--one minted in the year 1897 and the ot... Read More »

Is a Euro worth more than a Canadian dollar?

As of June 2010, the Euro is worth more than the Canadian dollar. Each Canadian dollar is equivalent to about 0.79 Euros. The Euro is the standard currency used by 13 of the member nations of the E... Read More »

Is the new iPhone 3gs worth paying a hundred dollars more than the iPhone 3g?

yes it is totally worth spending an extra $100. I mean i own an iPhone 3GS and it has better performance, a longer battery life, a compass, a video camera with 3 megapixels, and voice control. AND ... Read More »

How much are silver half dollars worth?

The value of silver half dollars depends on the date, value of silver at the time of sale and the series of your coin, according to Coin Study. Franklin half dollars, for example, are worth a minim... Read More »