Are side mirrors required in Tennessee?

Answer According to Chapter 9 (Equipment--Lighting Regulations) of Title 55 (Motor and Other Vehicle) of the Tennessee Code, the only vehicles that are required to have rearview mirrors are trucks and mot... Read More »

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Are side mirrors required on autos in Tennessee?

No, side mirrors are not required in Tennessee or any other state. However, a side mirror on the driver's side and a interior mirror are required. The mirror on the passenger side is only required ... Read More »

Are side mirrors required in Va.?

Any vehicle registered and licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia that transports passengers on public highways and was manufactured after 1968 is required to have at least one inside and one out... Read More »

Are side mirrors required in Virginia?

In Virginia, your car must have at least one side mirror. Virginia law (Code 46.2-1082) clearly states that a vehicle must have a mirror that shows a rear view of at least 200 feet back and must ha... Read More »

Are driver side mirrors required in florida?

Outside, driver-side mirrors are required in the state of Florida if you're significantly hard of hearing. Otherwise, you are only required to have at least one rear-view mirror that lets you see a... Read More »