Are shoulder pads back in style?

Answer On One Hand: They've Been Back For AwhileShoulder pads came back in style with a vengeance in 2008 and 2009. They dotted the runways at various fashion shows. They were photographed on paparazzi sh... Read More »

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How to Hook Up Back Plates to Shoulder Pads?

In collision sports like football it seems as if there can never be enough protection. With the back being exposed even while wearing pads, there has been a call for more back protection for compe... Read More »

How to Fit Shoulder Pads?

Too big or too small?Have you ever had the question, "Is this shoulder pad too big/small for me?" Well here is a how to tell if you shoulder pads are the correct size for you. This will also help y... Read More »

How to Make Shoulder Pads?

Notice the curve and shape of this shoulder pad. This is a sleeve and sleeve head which can be used in conjunction with shoulder pads.Shoulder pads were one of the fashion statements of 80s clothin... Read More »

How to Buy and Wear Shoulder Pads?

Large shoulder pads of the 80's are out, but smaller shoulder pads can be a helpful trick to bring up a neckline for a more youthful appearance. Learn how to buy and wear shoulder pads.