Are short sales speculative?

Answer On One Hand: You Can Experience Unlimited LossesAccording to, those selling stocks short can incur infinite losses. Selling short a stock is a bet that it will go down. Exposure to... Read More »

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Short Sales & Bankruptcy?

In a short sale agreement, the borrower and the lender work out a contract allowing the borrower to sell a property for less than the loan balance. A short sale is essentially designed as a foreclo... Read More »

Accounting for Short Sales?

Short sale properties are those where the seller negotiates with the bank to sell the property for less than the mortgage balance. When completing and closing a short sale transaction, an accurate ... Read More »

Short Sales Defined?

A short sale on a home does not mean a quick sale. A short sale is an agreement between a homeowner and a mortgage company to sell the home for less than the current mortgage balance. A short sale ... Read More »

Short Sales and Tax Implications With the IRS?

Short sales are considered cancellation of debt. The canceled debt amount is normally taxable income, according to the IRS' regulations. However, the 2007 Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act provi... Read More »