Are shirts with company logos tax deductible?

Answer Company logo shirts are not deductible. As a rule, most uniforms and work clothes are also not deductible. Clothes that are worn on the job and not suitable to be worn elsewhere are deductible. The... Read More »

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How to Print Logos on T-shirts?

Personalizing designs or adding logos to a T-shirt traditionally is done by silkscreen printing. This process requires some expensive equipment, such as a four-color table press, large drying machi... Read More »

How do I Identify Electronic Company Logos?

If you find an unknown word, it's a simple enough matter to look up it's meaning on the Internet or in a dictionary. But what if you find an unknown image, such as a company logo? Is there a way to... Read More »

How to Identify Athletic Wear Company by Logos?

During a game is rarely the appropriate time to ask an athlete where he got his clothing. Yet athletic wear has become such a part of everyday fashion in the U.S. that it can be tempting to ask eve... Read More »

Who is the parent company of Arrow shirts?

Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation is the parent company of Arrow shirts. Previously owned by Cluett American Group, the brand was purchased by Phillips-Van Heusen in 2004. Phillips-Van Heusen owns an... Read More »