Are shipping charges taxable?

Answer Each state has unique rules regarding the taxation of shipping charges. For example, in California, a vendor is only required to add sales tax to handling charges, which is any difference between t... Read More »

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Are shipping charges taxable in ohio?

According to the State of Ohio's Department of Taxation, vendors must charge sales tax on delivery charges. The Department of Taxation notes that a delivery charge includes shipping, postage, handl... Read More »

Are shipping charges taxed?

It's up to each state whether sales tax applies to shipping charges. Whether sales tax applies to at least one of the items being shipped may also play a factor. For example, in Pennsylvania and Ne... Read More »

Is GST payable on shipping charges?

On One Hand: US Buyers Can Avoid GSTThe goods and services tax (GST) applies to shipping costs inside GST countries, such as Canada. But, a United States resident ordering merchandise from Canada a... Read More »

How do I calculate DHL shipping charges?

Calculate Shipping Charges for DHL OnlineGo to and locate the link labeled "Get Rate and Time Quote." Click on this link. A pop-up window loads named "DHL Capability Tool." Fill in the requ... Read More »