Are sharp pains in your abdomen and bloating symptoms of pregnancy?

Answer Answer Hi I found out I'm a month pregnant and one of the major signs for me is bloating I hardly ever had bloating but I have it all the time now(it's horrible). As for the sharp pains I havent r... Read More »

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Are sharp pains on both sides of the abdomen normal in early pregnancy?

Answer Yes this is very common in early pregnancy. Your ligaments are starting to stretch with the increased fluid, even in the earliest part of pregnancy. This will cause alot of pain as you ge... Read More »

If your ovulation test said you would ovulate in the next 24 hours so you had unprotected sex and 2 days later you got a sharp pain in your lower abdomen could you already feel symptoms of pregnancy?

Answer All women are different I didn't know i was pregnant until i was 2 monthes it is possable

Sharp pains near my right hip and abdomen What is it):?

If it hurts right here:… you may have appendicitisBut I mean if this has been going on for a week or so chances are it's not that and it could be a hip fl... Read More »

Are heaviness and bloating in the lower abdomen signs of pregnancy?

Answer bloating is something that most women that are expecting would experience at some time but there could be many other reasons why you have this taking a home test would give you the answer th... Read More »